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Unsound 0001 by Justus Valtanen.

Justus Valtanen is one of the key players in Helsinki’s vibrant nightlife.

Despite his young age, Justus has years of experience in running events, organising parties and making your hips not to lie on the dance floor. Having previously run the notorious MK54 underground club, he is nowadays probably best known for running the infamous music bar and dance club Post Bar with his companions Denzel, Daniel Kayrouz and J.Lindroos.

This group of nightlife bachelors is also the driving force behind events such as Solstice, a music and arts festival taking place on top of Ruka, a fell in northern Finland, the medieval castle rave Retriitti and an off-event series called Curiosity Trip ranging from experimental sound installations to underground raves and island parties.

As a deejay, Justus is known for delivering stripped down and bizarre cuts from techno to house to electro and beyond. He will most likely throw in some unexpected joints in between as well.

This one man band specialised in extended sets will please you throughout the night with his exotic floor-ready rhythms.

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