Clothing, visual arts and music combined into one streetwear brand. Founded in 2020 by Eetu Räisänen.

Eetu hails from Helsinki, the capital of Finland on the edge of Europe. He’s been drawn to making clothes since his youth and has the traditional tailor’s education – yet he embodies the renaissance spirit by painting and composing music.

Growing in a family full of entrepreneurs taught Eetu to drive his own passion and learn the craft to back up his vision at a young age. The years he spent in tailor school built his understanding of fabrics and the structures of clothing. Now, Eetu’s multidimensional approach to art and self-expression is demonstrated in Arcelevn, in which he combines visual arts, music and clothing into one.

Among the industrial buildings and hidden clubs of Helsinki’s Vallila lies the Arcelevn studio, where the visual art and clothing come together. All of the print visuals are produced in the studio with photo shoots, paintings and by building physical installations that are paired with digital artwork.

Streetwear culture has always been inspired by music, and Arcelevn Unsound pays homage to those roots. It’s a DJ mix series curated to act as a soundtrack for the Arcelevn clothing, consisting of the songs played at the studio during the creative process. Giving a soundscape for his clothing was always evident for Eetu, as he wants to create streetwear that’s there to be worn, seen and heard.