Arcelevn is a Helsinki, Finland based design venture founded by Eetu Räisänen. We believe that clothing itself is art. And we think that the feeling that a unique garment brings should be available for us all. That is why we want to make customized clothing a luxury that everyone can afford.

One of the leading inspirations of Eetu’s designs are the self-customized stage clothes of 70’s punk bands. The style was later popularized off stage as well, and the punk spirit lives on in modern artists from rappers to rockers. Punk never dies and quality never goes out of fashion. Our dedication to high quality guarantees that your clothing will look good for a long time to come.

Arcelevn’s story started some 10 years ago during one of those sleepless nights when the sun never sets on the Nordic midsummer. Eetu Räisänen, the creative force behind Arcelevn, was determined to build a brand that would represent his hometown of Helsinki and pay tribute to his roots near the Arctic circle.

The Finnish capital is rich in terms of its cultural offering and has a vibrant underground scene. However, the city is always at the mercy of the seasons and extreme weather.


This kind of yearly cycle will make you value the quality of your clothing. So do we - almost to the point of obsession. All Arcelevn clothing is made from premium materials produced in Europe and handpicked by our team.